Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The morning after the night before...

So last night I attended the Masterpiece Midsummer Party and OMG it was amazing!! Free cocktails, champagne, amazing canapes and rubbing shoulders with the odd celeb - what more could you ask for?! If only I hadn't drank so much then I might have noticed that Hugh Grant, Caprice, Sarah Ferguson with her daughters, Ronnie Wood, Sol Campbell, etc etc were there and I could have maybe got some cheeky photos with them! Ah well. I did however see a few of the Made In Chelsea peeps such as Mark Francis.....but Hugh Grant!! Come on!! I would love to have met him!! Another time ey? Don't even get me started on the fashion! Last night I seen it all - from full on ballroom gowns to ripped jeans and harem trousers, but all in all, the guys and gals were all kitted out in the appropriate cocktail attire. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to go!

Me with my work gals Laura and Emma.
Floor art, giant stone pianos, Hedge Men and everything in-between!
Laura, myself and the balloon flower I had made for me!

The amazing leopard chairs that I NEEDED to have! Until I was told they were £120,000 a piece!!!
Much love xxx